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Last updated May 15, 2020

The holiday season is a busy time for all of us, especially for the non-profit sector. If you have a moment to spare, think about giving back to your local community organisations. Here are a few ideas:

  1. What’s on their wish list?

Ask the organisation if they have a wish list. The list should contain everything they need and/or want. This ensures that the gift you give is meaningful, practical and useful. Sticking to their wish list also ensures you don’t donate unwanted goods.

  1. Offer your time

The holiday season is a busy time for the majority of organisations. Offer to lend a hand! They may need you for a 10-minute task or over a couple of days. Be willing to get stuck in.

  1. Promote their organisation

Promoting the work an organisation does is super helpful all year round but especially during the holiday season. Give them a shout out on your Facebook or direct friends and family in their direction. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

  1. Purchase gifts from their store

Many community organisations have a charity store. Head along and purchase all your Christmas gifts from them (or several charity stores, even better!) This will not only support the organisation but help the environment too! Plus, you can find some gems in a thrift store.

  1. Get your gifts wrapped

If you do your Christmas shopping at the mall, you will probably see gift-wrapping stations popping up in early December. The majority of these stations support community organisations through accepting donations for their service. This a great way to give back!

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