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Inspiring Communities

We’ve teamed up with the crew at Inspiring Communities to bring you three great workshops focused on Community-Led Development. You can participate in each workshop as a stand-alone session or take part in all four to make sure the puzzle pieces fit together.  Check out more from the awesome team at Inspiring Communities here.

Workshop 1: Facilitating Community-Led Change

With an emphasis on engaging all parts of the community and bringing together diverse people, voices, groups and sectors, community-led development can be challenging. Having the skills, confidence and tactics to convene creative and constructive big picture conversations is essential.

This workshop will focus on useful approaches, processes and ideas for bringing and keeping groups and teams together, having conversations that really matter – and having FUN. 

In this workshop you will discover:

  • Create cohesive groups
  • Polish your role as a facilitator
  • Explore approaches that build common agendas
  • Gather a variety of participation techniques for your tool kit
  • Deal with difficult behaviours and conflict

Facilitated by: Cissy Rock

Cissy has over 15 years’ experience working with communities and local government. She is a passionate agent for change and is committed to working with people to find ways for them to be visible and have a voice. Cissy’s strengths lie in professional community development supervision, coaching, facilitation and giving a variety of workshops covering facilitation, ideas into action, how to run great meetings, strategic planning and visioning.

What Others Say:

“Loved the moving groups.”

“I liked that it drew on strengths and knowledge in the room.”

“Cissy is a great neutral facilitator.”

“It was great to stretch ourselves by practising.”

Workshop 2: Leading Community-Led Change

Community-Led Development challenges our way of thinking, acting and leading. We need leadership from lots of different people, not just from a few exceptional people we call leaders. This workshop explores approaches and tools for thinking, acting and leading in complex situations, where leadership is possible for anyone committed to continuous learning on the job.

In this workshop you will:

  • Recognise your leadership strengths as an active citizen in your community.
  • Identify strategies for encouraging leadership in other areas, across diverse groups.
  • Explore tools and strategies to make sense of challenging leadership situations.
  • Apply frameworks that help you decide how, where and if you might act in complex situations.
  • This workshop draws on the ‘Leadership as Learning’ framework.
  • This framework fosters deeper understanding of how to work with complexity and grow the leadership of everyone as active citizens. Facilitated by: Margy-Jean Malcolm

What Others Say:

“A valuable and timely leadership learning day.”

Workshop 3: Connections and Collaboration

(Co-Creating and Maintaining Relationships at Your Place)

Communities flourish when everyone works together. Community-Led Development helps people to find, make and keep relationships across different groups and sectors. Important elements of Community-Led Development include trust, observation, analysis and the ability to create and plan for change together.

This workshop will help you:

  • Assess your community relationships. How do you engage and maintain a wide variety of connections?
  • Identify new partners, connections and influencers. Enhance what’s working and plan ways to widen your spheres of influence.
  • Apply tools to build and support important relationships.
  • Learn how to appreciate risk and apply relationship principles.
  • Establish steps to map and tap into the strengths of your wider community.
  • Strengthen your ability to manage diverse relationships.
    Facilitated by: Kindra Douglas

What Others Say:

“An opportunity to learn new connection and collaborative skills in a friendly and well-presented workshop – engaging and fun while focused on learning.”

Upcoming Workshops

Facilitating Community-led Change – Taupo

April 10 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

$69 per person (for non-profit and community groups) $220 per person...

AC Baths Taupo Events Centre
AC Baths Avenue, Tauhara
Taupo, Waikato 3330 New Zealand
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