About Us

Our Vision: Every non-profit working at their full potential

Exult is one of New Zealand’s leading training providers for the community sector. Our mission is to provide training and support that inspires, equips and re-energises community organisations and we pride ourselves in providing practical resources in everyday language. We believe that people (and organisations) thrive when they are given real support without all the ‘fluff and jargon’ – so that’s what we do.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the community sector, and when it comes to training and development, our people have a diverse range of strengths and skills. 

We specialise in the business end of running an organisation and over the last 15 years thousands of people have taken part in our workshops and seminars. We are regularly asked to contribute to conferences and expos throughout Australasia and have developed relationships with organisations at every stage of the development journey.

Our name means ‘to celebrate’ and we chose it because that’s what we do. We celebrate passionate people, strong communities, and the change that can occur when one person decides to make a difference.