Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning about?

Strategic Planning IS:

The process of envisioning the future you want and deciding on key strategies for making that future a reality.  It’s about big picture thinking and setting big picture directions.

Strategic Planning is NOT about day-to-day operations:

It’s not a plan for a million little tasks and actions – it’s about strategy. It’s about deciding what path you are going to take, what vehicle/s you’re going to use, and the critical things required to make those vehicles run smoothly – that’s all.

A Strategic Plan should be a living document that staff and trustees refer to on a regular basis. Unfortunately, for most organisations this is not the case and as such, the whole Strategic Planning process is a waste of time and money. In our experience, too many Strategic Plans are long, boring documents that nobody understands, much less puts to use. Our in-house workshop changes that.

If you would like to develop a Strategic Plan that’s written in everyday language and provides genuine direction for your organisation, this workshop is for you.

In this full day session, we work with your Board and CEO to clearly identify:

Your Vision
If your organisation was doing everything 100% right, what would your community look like as a result? What are you ultimately trying to achieve? Why do you bother doing what you do?

Your Mission
If that’s the Vision – how are you going to make it a reality?
What’s the big picture mission you are on?

Your Key Programmes, Products and Services
What vehicles will you use to complete your Mission? What aspects of these activities should you be developing further? What aspects of these activities should you be continuing with as is? Are there any activities you should be stopping altogether? Are there any new activities you should be starting in the future?

Your Critical Success Factors
In order to successfully deliver the services you have identified, what critical things do you need to have in place? What strategies will you use to make sure these factors are met?

Completing this session will give your Board a simple road map that they can easily refer to when moving your organisation forward. Free of clutter and jargon, this framework provides genuine big picture thinking, so that you have space to create Business and Operational plans with substance.

What others say:

“You simplified an otherwise daunting task. This workshop will definitely help align our committee with our goals.” Leanne Schmidt, Tennyson Inlet Boat Club

“Very well explained and easy to understand. You broke down a difficult process into simple steps and great ways of involving everyone in the process.” Donna Rainbird, Alzheimers Marlborough

“This workshop has had a great impact for our organisation. Well delivered. Has given me fresh inspiration.” Jane Heywood, Marlborough MS and Parkinsons

Workshop Delivery Options:
Half Day and Full Day Options Available 

  • In Person
  • Online Zoom

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