Capability Assessment

Running a successful organisation means juggling several balls at once. Not only do you need to offer effective programmes and services, you need to have all the wheels behind-the-scenes working well too. With so much to get right, it’s often difficult to identify where you should put your focus, and what things would make the biggest impact to how your organisation runs.

Our Capability Assessments help to identify what you are doing well, and where you might benefit from some extra support. We give you a full report which highlights your strengths and gives you suggestions for making the less developed parts stronger. Where appropriate we provide articles, templates and resources to support you in your areas of growth, and we make recommendations for specific training or support that might help too.

The assessment is a two part process, starting with an online survey which is forwarded to trustees, staff and key volunteers. We then meet with you as a group, and we use the anonymous, collated responses as a starting point for discussion. This conversation takes approximately 2 hours, and we cover off key areas such as Direction, Governance, Leadership, People (staff and volunteers), Marketing and Communication, Finances, Evaluation and Administration.

A Capability Assessment is a useful process on its own, but it can be even more useful when completed prior to a Strategic Planning session.

What others say:

“Thanks for getting this report out so quickly, as you said you would! It feels like a very thorough and accurate account of our session together and really paints a fair picture for where SGWBOP is currently positioned. Also thanks for the paper on policies which is helpful. It is good to have connected with you and I look forward to starting to implement some of the recommendations in the New Year.”
Pat Watson, SuperGrans Western BOP

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Capability Assessments

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