Introduction To Governance

If you want your organisation to work at it’s full potential, you need a strong Board that truly understands their roles and responsibilities. However, getting everyone on the same page can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if you have a mix of new and long-standing trustees.

If you would like to develop effective Governance practices for your organisation or you simply want a clear understanding of what good Governance looks like, this in-house workshop is for you. In this 4 hour session we work with your Board and CEO to clearly identify:

Common Models of Non-Profit Governance: Policeman, Partner and Pilot
What model does your Board currently use? Is this still the right model for your organisation? If not, how can you shift from where you are to where you want to be?

Board Roles and Responsibilities
What does this look like in a real sense? Who does what? What happens when the lines get blurred?

Expectations for Trustees

What can be reasonably expected from individual trustees? What behaviours should trustees demonstrate on a consistent basis? How will you ensure new trustees understand what is expected? How will you ensure trustee performance is reviewed on a regular basis?

Best Practice Governance
What makes a good Board, great? What are the practices that ensure Boards are working at their highest level? How does your Board measure up?

Succession Planning
How do you actively plan for succession within your Board? What is stopping people from moving on? What is stopping people from stepping up? What do you need to have in place before anyone leaves?

Strategic Planning
What is the difference between a Strategic Plan and an Operational Plan? How do you create a plan that provides genuine direction for your organisation?

Completing this session will give both your Board and CEO the knowledge they need to lead your organisation with confidence.

What others say:

“It was a great opportunity to focus as a team, prioritise and end up with some clear key takeaways to implement in our governance practice.”
Hilary Price, Homes of Hope

“I enjoyed being able to reflect as a Board and define the process. We identified gaps that will require some work, but in the end will raise the level of the Board.”
Stephanie Parker, BOP SASS

“It was good to have time to think and reflect on what we are doing outside of a Board meeting. Great process. There are some solid actions to take away and work on together.”
Becks Watts, Merivale Community Centre

For information about the Lottery Minister’s Discretionary Fund (which may fund In-House Governance Training), visit www.communitymatters.govt.nz