People Leaders Programme

Do you need to manage staff or lead a team, and want to make sure you’re doing it right?

Would you like some practical ideas and step-by-step frameworks for leading your people well?

Exult’s People Leaders Programme is designed for Managers and Team Leaders who want some practical support without all the fluff and jargon. Running over three full days (9am – 4pm),  this programme will give you the tools, skills and confidence you need to do your job well.

In this three-day training programme, you will:

Get clear about your role as a leader in your organisation.
People leaders do more than manage the status quo, they are intentional about leading the way and creating an environment where everybody can perform well. What does it take to ensure your team can deliver what’s needed for you and your business?

Discover your unique strengths when it comes to leading people.
While great leaders share many characteristics, we all have our own unique leadership style. Great leaders recognise their unique talents and understand how they can use them to support their team. What do you already do well and how can you do it even better? How is your unique leadership style tripping you up and what changes can you make without losing who you are?

Learn practical tools and frameworks for making the tough stuff easier.
Leading people is not rocket science, although it can feel that way at times! In this programme you’ll discover a tonne of simple processes to support you with things like Effective Communication, 1:1 Meetings, Having Difficult Conversations and more. You’ll end up with a toolkit of how-tos that you can quickly implement in your role, and you’ll gather a library of templates you can use for various situations.

Throughout the course we cover topics like Building Trust, Setting Clear Expectations, Running Effective Meetings, Performance Appraisals, Accountability, Managing Conflict and more.

The programme is specifically designed so that we can address challenges raised by the participants involved. If you have a leadership or people management question–we’ll help you figure it out.

It doesn’t matter what your job title is–or what sector you are in–if you are responsible for managing staff or leading people, this programme is for you.

Want to know more? Please email: hello@exult.co.nz and we will get in touch with you.


“The practical tools have been amazing and getting to take them as blank worksheets is fantastic to support future use.” Jodie Robertson, Tauranga City Council

“Full, quality real. Sincere thanks – I would highly recommend to other staff” Wiremu Tapara, Sport BOP