Workshop Facilitation

Running a non-profit organisation is not without it’s challenges. Of course, for every challenge there is a solution, but sometimes when you are in the middle of it all it’s difficult to see what’s possible. That’s where our facilitated workshops come in.

No matter what your challenge or what you are trying to create, we help you see it through fresh eyes and work with your team to generate a whole heap of possible ideas and solutions. Once all the ideas are on the table, we help you identify the ones that might work best for your organisation and together we create an action plan of ‘where to from here’. You’ll end up with a mix of quick-win ideas that you can implement immediately, as well as some longer-term strategies with a step-by-step process for putting them in place. Because the plan is developed as a team, organisations report better buy-in and engagement from everyone involved.

No challenge or activity is too big or too small. Organisations have used these sessions to develop sponsorship packages, volunteer recruitment plans, fundraising events, marketing strategies and more. Workshops run from 3 hours to a full day, depending on the project needs.

What others say:

“We had a great workshop yesterday and feel like we’ve made some really good progress.”
Lisa Berndt, Govett-Brewster Gallery

“I am somewhat stressing on just what language to use in this thank you! THANK YOU from all the RDA Board for facilitating such an invigorating workshop for us on Tuesday night. We were all energised and enthused by the excitement with which we continued into our Board meeting. We definitely want to continue looking at our Strategic Vision.”
Melanie Wakeman, RDA Tauranga


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Workshop Facilitation

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