Problem Solving For Non-Profits

Are you an ideas person who is always looking for ways you can do things better, brighter and smarter in your organisation?

Would you like to learn specific strategies for exploring ideas and getting more people involved and engaged in the idea process?

The non-profit sector faces ongoing challenges and organisations need people who are prepared to think outside the box and explore new possibilities. This one day workshop helps you hone your skills in creativity and innovation and provides practical tools for encouraging your colleagues to get involved.

In this highly interactive workshop you will discover:

  • The fundamentals for innovation. What are the basic building blocks for generating new ideas and encouraging an ‘idea safe’ environment for your team.
  • Simple ideas for encouraging your colleagues to get involved with the generating new ideas. The more people engaged, the more great ideas you’ll find.
  • The innovation process step-by-step. What are the barriers you might face putting your ideas into action? How do you overcome those barriers along the way?
  • Practical tools to help you unlock your creativity and help others to do the same.

This workshop will help you see idea-making with fresh eyes and arm you with a practical toolkit for ensuring innovation is encouraged and enabled in your organisation. Learn how to navigate comments like ‘we’ve tried that before’ or ‘it’ll never work’ so that your ideas can truly take shape.

What others say:

“Stretched my thinking about how to challenge my team to provide ideas and be involved in implementation. Really useful strategies and great facilitator.”
Diane Bruin, Tauranga Budget Advisory Service

“Really stimulating. Lots of fun. Solutions to long-held problems simply presented themselves.
Got me unstuck.”
Anna Larsen, Welcome Bay Community Centre

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Is your organisation facing a challenge? We can customise an in-house workshop to help your team see it through fresh eyes and generate a whole heap of possible ideas and solutions. Find more information here or chat to Gillian on 07 571 8819 or gillian@exult.co.nz.