Secret of Sponsorship Digital




Do you wonder why other organisations can attract big sponsors when you can’t?
Would you like to build sponsorship relationships that bring real value to your organisation?

Be a fly on the wall of our Secret of Sponsorship and discover what it really takes to attract business support for your cause.

Our popular ‘Secret of Sponsorship’ workshop has been recorded to USB so you can work through it at your own pace and include every member of your organisation in the learning process. The workshop walks you through the sponsorship process from whoah to go, and gives you practical tools and strategies for developing meaningful business relationships.

In this workshop you will discover:

  • The difference between donations and sponsorship. Not every business expects a tangible return, so how do you know the difference?
  • If your organisation is even ready for sponsorship. What do you need to do before you start approaching businesses for support?
  • Who makes a great sponsor for your organisation. Who have you missed in your own community?
  • What businesses really want from a sponsorship relationship and how you can give it to them. It’s much more than logos and thank-you speeches.
  • How to make the approach and increase your chances of getting a yes.
  • How to manage the relationship so they continue to support you year after year.

This workshop will change the way you look at sponsorship.

What others say:

“Sponsorship is working a treat. Your strategies are so good that for the last two events I have had businesses offer to be the main sponsors before I have had to ask.”
Judith Challis, Pohlen Foundation

“I have been organising sponsorship for events for 8 years. I wish I did this course 8 years ago!”
Julie Hughes, Arrow Events

“The most practical, helpful and inspiring sponsorship workshop I have been to in 20 years. Loved it and would highly recommend it.”
Lisa McKimm, ParentingWorx

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