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Last updated January 22, 2020


  • Establish a Facebook Strategy
    Why are you on Facebook? What are you trying to achieve?
  • Create a Content Schedule
    Be consistent. Post regular, engaging content.
  • Make Sure Content is Highly Visual
    Use images, videos, GIFs, infographics, emojis etc.
    Read the following article for more information
  • Utilize Your Cover Photo
    Update your cover photo regularly. Change it to promote events or competitions, advertise services, or showcase past work.
  • Spend Time Analysing Your Insights
    Read the following article for more information exult.co.nz/articles/facebook-insights-explained/
  • Make the Most of Facebook Ads
    While it isn’t free, Facebook Ads do the hard work for you. Simply design your ad and Facebook takes care of helping it reach audiences far and wide.
  • Have Giveaways and Hold Competitions
    People LOVE free stuff. Having/holding regular giveaways and competitions will keep people coming back again and again.
  • Update Your About Information
    Regularly update your ‘about’ information. Make sure it includes your mission and vision.


  • Make Your Profile a ‘Business Profile’
    This will allow you to identify your profile as a ‘non-profit’.
  • Short and Snappy Bio
    Create a short and snappy bio. Including your vision and/or mission is a good way to go.
  • Utilise Stories
    Stories last 24 hours and are a great way to engage your audience. It allows you to upload images/videos without clogging up your followers’ feed.
  • Link Your Instagram Profile to Your Facebook Account
    Linking the two platforms together allows you to streamline paid ads. When creating ads on Facebook you can choose to show them on Instagram too.
  • Include and Update a Link in Your Bio
    Regularly update the link in your bio. You could start with a link to your website and change it up to promote an upcoming event or product.
  • Ensure Your Profile is Public
    This will allow anyone to see and interact with your profile.
  • Interact with Other Profiles
    Spend time interacting and engaging with other organisations on Instagram. Comment on their posts, like their content etc. This will help put your name and profile ‘out there’.
  • Make Your Logo Your Profile Picture
    If your logo is too big, simplify it.


  • Short and Snappy Channel Description
    Keep your description short and snappy. Simply include your mission and/or vision statement. Maybe a link to your website. People visit YouTube to watch videos, not read.
  • Turn On Comments
    Make sure your audience can interact with your content. Take your time replying to comments. Not necessarily each and everyone, but people want to know you care about what they have to say.
  • Upload Varied Content
    Don’t use your channel simply to promote your service. Create videos that inform, inspire, and encourage engagement.
  • Promote Your YouTube Channel on Facebook
    Provide a link to some (not every) video on your Facebook page. Encourage people to follow the link to your channel.
  • Include a Call to Action
    At the end of each video include a call to action. This can simply be a link to a free resource.

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