2020 Non-Profit Planning Diary

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We’re calling this diary the Seriously-Good, One-Stop, Can’t-Live-Without, Super-Awesome, Non-Profit Planning Diary. We know it’s a ridiculous name, but we wanted to make sure you didn’t muddle it up with ‘just another diary’. Our goal was to create a resource that really was a one-stop planner for non-profit managers, so we’ve jam-packed it with all sorts of useful tips and templates to help you do what you do.

Every week we work with non-profit managers around the country, and what we’ve learned is that many of you share the same challenges. You’re often one person wearing several hats; you’re often stretched for time and resources; and many of you have been thrown in the deep-end and expected to be experts in every area. This A4 sized planner will help.

Throughout the pages you will find:

  • Templates for Personal Goal Setting, Strategic Planning, Time Management and Social Media
  • Important dates like Funding Deadlines and Awareness Days
  • Space for Must-Do Action Steps and Key Priorities at the beginning of each month
  • Room to Record Meeting Notes
  • Useful Tips for Writing Successful Grant Applications
  • Handy Online Tools and Top Tips that Make Running a Non-Profit Easier
  • Month-to-View and Week-to-View Calendar Pages

We wanted this planning diary to truly help you in your non-profit journey, so we’ve done our best to fill it with as much stuff as possible. It’s the only diary you’ll ever need.

What Others Say

“I ordered the diary last week and received it yesterday. It is perfect and has been so helpful already – thank you very much. Again thank you for the diary – you can tell a lot of time was put into producing it. It has made such a difference to how I run my day and goal setting.” Leigh, Vulnerable Support Charitable Trust, Wellington

“This is such an amazing tool, I would be lost without my one. Everyone that sees me using it asks ‘wow that’s seriously cool … where did you get it?’ I would recommend all Chairpersons, Secretaries and Treasurers to have one each.” Rochelle Steer, The Kai Kitchen Trust, Taranaki