2020 Funding Wallplanner



This A1 size wallplanner is packed full with all sorts of information to help you work smarter in the coming year including:

  • A list of major funders with website details and funding dates (if they’ve been released). It’s not every funder, but it includes links to most of the major players.
  • International Awareness Days so you can plan events and campaigns around dates that already exist. Instead of creating your own awareness day, you can align your cause and values to one that already has a profile. Tell-A-Good-Joke Day anyone?
  • Festivals and holidays from various cultures. Plan in advance for festivals and holidays that may be significant for your clients, staff, volunteers and supporters. A great way to celebrate diversity in our organisations and the wider community.
  • Simple tips and ideas for successful grant applications

The 2020 Funding Wallplanner will be distributed FREE to all Tonic Magazine subscribers, so if you already subscribe your wallplanner will be winging it’s way to you with the November Magazine.

If you do not currently subscribe to Tonic Magazine, you have 3 ways to get your hands on a wallplanner:

1. Subscribe to Tonic Magazine now to get your copy with the November issue.
2. Pre-order a 2020 Funding Wallplanner online for $24 + $6.50 p&h (use the form above)
3. Pick up a free copy at one of our January-February workshops (while stocks last)