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Last updated May 15, 2020

Professional development is important for both you and your team. Here are 20 professional development opportunities you can implement in your organisation:

  1. Enrol in formal degree programs, courses or workshops
  2. Learn new skills relevant to your role
  3. Keep up to date with new developments and research in your field
  4. Increase your duties and responsibilities
  5. Engage in mentoring, both as a mentor and a mentee
  6. Regularly complete performance reviews
  7. Take on leadership roles
  8. Visit and observe other organisations engaging in similar work
  9. Conduct research and present your findings to others
  10. Observe and be involved in the day to day responsibilities of your supervisor
  11. Attend all in house training provided by your organisation
  12. Head to the library and read, read, read
  13. Work one-on-one with a specialist in your field
  14. Get out in the community and gather feedback. Work through it and consider what you and/or your organisation could improve on
  15. Engage in scenario planning to expand your knowledge of your organisation’s capabilities
  16. Take the time to develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  17. Actively participate in group discussions on particular topics (there are several of these sorts of groups online)
  18. Broaden your understanding of what your organisation does by observing other staff members (and volunteers) throughout their day to day tasks
  19. Seek out relevant home study courses
  20. Take the initiative and ask your manager what opportunities they have available

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