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Last updated January 18, 2017

Laughing is good for the soul, the mind and the body but did you know that a sense of fun is also a bonus for your career and work life in general?  Those of you with a good sense of humour at work are perceived as better at your jobs and more likely to get a promotion. So how do you bring a bit a fun back to the office?

Competition Time
In my previous working life, the whole team did a daily online quiz and compared scores. Needless to say there was lots of joking around and friendly banter about wrong answers and scores. It doesn’t have to be daily and it could be something different each week, but it does need to be light-hearted.  How about a paper plane flying contest or board games in your lunch break? A basketball hoop, nerf gun, or exercise challenges are all cool ideas too, or some video games everyone can play if they use an OW grandmaster guide.  Lip sync battle anyone?

Compare Notes
Sharing funny stories from home and work in a supportive and safe environment is a great way to combat stress and bring people together.  Encourage an open and friendly workplace by leading from the front and celebrate those moments when you can look back on something and laugh.

Make Time for Fun
Establish a weekly or monthly tradition of ‘doing’ fun with the whole team. It could just be going for coffee or lunch on work time, but how about trying a yoga or fitness class, a new activity like geocaching, or even have a planning session about how to have more fun! Get out of the office, change the scenery and enjoy yourselves – it will make everything else a little easier.

Rosie Julou
Rosie is the General Manager at Exult and is responsible for making sure everything works like clockwork…while everyone is having fun!

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