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Last updated April 7, 2017

For most of you the Easter weekend will mean an enforced 4 day break, or lighter duties at least. We know that you work in a sector that demands a lot of your time, commitment and energy so it is vitally important to understand the value of relaxation, for both yourself and your group as a whole.

A Day Off Means OFF
Don’t take work home with you, don’t log in and check your work emails and don’t make yourself available. In some cases, staff or volunteers may be rostered to work or check in over a long weekend, but if you have time off treat it as such. Our brains and our bodies need rest; it is when we repair ourselves and process the work done and it is when we do our best thinking. By sneaking in a little bit of work you are cheating yourself.

Imagine the most indulgent, self-absorbent thing you can do and then go out and do it. And do not allow yourself to feel guilty about it. For me, snuggling up on the couch with a Marvel movie or 3, or a fantastic escapist book is absolute wonder and very rarely do I give in.  But when I do, I feel completely relaxed. So surrender to whatever it is you are craving – you know what you need better than anyone

As much as a movie marathon may help you relax, sitting down for the whole day is only going to make you feel worse so combine it with something that raises the heart rate, gets you outside and gets you social. Again, chose the thing you most want to do – forcing yourself to do a massive run won’t make you feel better if you are dreading it. Walk somewhere beautiful, swim somewhere quiet, play Touch in the park with your mates. And whatever you do, don’t think about work!

Remember, you do deserve some time for yourself.

Rosie Julou
Rosie is the General Manager at Exult and works behind the scenes planning, organising and making everything run smoothly.  She is passionate about working in the community sector.

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