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Last updated March 16, 2017

I read an article the other day on the differences between the successful leaders of the world and everyone else. I’m talking people like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. While there are many factors that make these people stand out from the crowd, one of the consistent similarities was the way they start their day. So here are a few tips from the top to get the best from your day.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm
Now 5am might sound horrendous (and believe me it is), but getting up early gives you a massive head start on everyone else. It might take a few days, but you will soon fall asleep earlier as well, balancing out your rest period. For many people 5am is just not practical, but try getting up half an earlier this week, then an hour next week and see how you feel. It means you potentially have 1 or 2 whole hours where no-one else is making demands on your time and you can get yourself ready for the day.

First in, First Out
If the first thing you read in the morning is an email asking you to do something, or giving you bad news, it is actually quite likely to affect how you handle things going forward. However, if you can stop and read something motivational, inspirational, uplifting or progressive, it is much more likely your day will follow a path of positivity. This principal also applies to what you say, as much as what you read.  For some people, first thing in the morning is a chance to make affirmations, set goals or say what you are thankful for out loud.

Love Yourself
Take 30 minutes of your newly established early morning free time and be selfish with it. If exercise is the thing that helps you clear your mind and feel good, then get stuck in. If it’s a bubble bath, meditating, reading a novel, walking the dog, or cooking a delicious breakfast, then do it.  Valuing your own needs, wants and desires is so important in helping you make the most of your day. Once you have told yourself how valuable you are, you will have the emotional energy and capacity to cope with whatever the day brings.

Rosie Julou
Rosie is the General Manager at Exult and works behind the scenes planning, organising and making everything run smoothly.  She is passionate about working in the community sector.

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