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Last updated May 7, 2020

Encouraging commitment and follow-through amongst your team is just as much about you as it is about them (hope that makes sense!). Both you and your team play a role in making sure a task is complete. Here are 5 ways you can encourage commitment and follow-through:

  1. Prepare for Success

Set your team members up for success. Provide them with all the necessary equipment, information, resources etc that they need from you. Be there to offer support.

  1. Set Weird Deadlines

When giving deadlines we tend to round it off time. Try to give weird deadlines, like 4:18pm It will stand out in their minds.

  1. Write it Down

Write down the task and deadline in more than one place. Pop a sticky note in their diary or a headline on the team whiteboard.

  1. Echo it Back

Once you have given the task and specific deadline, ask them to summarize it back to you. This will make sure you are both on the same page.

  1. Set Consistent Expectations

Be clear about your expectations and keep them consistent across all tasks you give.

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