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Last updated February 11, 2015

Movie Night Fundraisers are pretty easy to organise and lots of fun, but if you’re going to do them, you might as well make the most of them. Check out these 6 simple ways to make more money on the night.

1. Charge More than the Usual Ticket Price
For most people this is a no-brainer, but I am amazed by how many organisations still limit their profits by choosing to sell tickets for the normal rate. Sure, if you’ve rented out the whole theatre you’ll still make a profit, but people expect to pay more for a fundraiser – so don’t sell yourself short.

2. Organise Goody Bags
Providing a goody bag to your audience not only enhances the experience, it gives you an opportunity to get some sponsors on-board. Depending on the movie you choose, it is likely that you will have a specific demographic coming along. Approach local businesses that want to get in touch with that target market, and give them the opportunity to provide samples, discount vouchers or small gifts for the bag.

Of course, getting direct access to their target market has value to their business, so there needs to be something in it for you too. In addition to the items in the goody bag, ask them to donate one item that you can use for additional fundraising…..which leads us to number 3..

3. Run a Raffle
It doesn’t have to be a big prize to raise a few extra dollars – just make sure that it is visible in the foyer and volunteers are actively selling tickets to people as they arrive. Keep the raffle cheap and cheerful, so that purchasing a ticket is an easy yes. $2 each or 3 tickets for $5 works a treat.

4. Introduce Yourself
I’ve been to many Movie Fundraisers where you turn up, meet your friend, sit down and watch the movie. Too often I have left with absolutely no information about the organisation I have just chosen to support.

While many people in your audience will have chosen to attend simply as a night out, chances are they have some connection to your cause already. After all, someone invited them to attend! Make the most of the opportunity and take 5 minutes before the movie starts to introduce your organisation to the captive audience. Let them know there will be a collection bucket at the door on the way out, and that you would appreciate their support. Don’t forget to say thanks for coming!

5. Choose a Movie that Relates to your Cause
Any movie works as a fundraiser (provided you can sell tickets), but if you choose one that relates to your cause, it is a really powerful way to get your stories reinforced on the big screen. When you introduce your organisation and thank everyone for coming, make sure you draw parallels between what they are going to see and the work that your organisation does. Then leave it to Hollywood!

6. Collect Contact Details
Have some way of collecting contact details so that you can send every person a thank you email the following day. This isn’t the time to ask for more money, but it is a chance to give a genuine thank you, tell another success story, and invite people to join your newsletter list. That way you can continue having contact and slowly build the relationship towards future support.

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