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Last updated June 25, 2019

The change in seasons can bring about more than just ugly weather. Your mood can fall victim to the weight of seasonal affective disorder at any moment. The troubling part of it all is that you see no real reason for your dampened spirit, other than your wet socks.

However, the truth is sunlight plays a major role you making you feel happy. Natural light has the ability to boost our energy reserves and overall put us in a darn good mood. When that is taken away from us, our body and our mind notice, unfortunately. Other components of seasonal changes such as the temperature and shorter days contribute to our overall mood too.

So how do we combat such a big issue, without that much effort? I know you’re thinking it, that it all sounds too much. Well, don’t worry. I have it all sorted. Here are my 5 top tips to flip seasonal affective disorder on its head.

  1. Follow the Sun

First thing in the morning, open your curtains. I know it is cold but you need to make the most of the sunlight when it’s available. If it’s a particularly stormy winter, you literally might not know when the sun is coming back.

  1. Find a Hobby

It is important to live a little outside of work and home. Why not use this time to find a hobby that really lights a fire in your soul. Maybe something a weather friendly, like joining the local theatre or taking up knitting.

  1. Eat Seasonally

Stock up on healthy seasonal foods like: Oranges, Mandarins, Kiwifruit, Bananas, Broccoli, Carrots, Onion, Spinach, Potatoes, and Kumara. All great foods to eat individually or together in stews or salads! Yahooo. Easy peasy.

  1. Be Mindful

Be mindful of your attitude. It is super easy to slip into a low mood and see no point in getting out of it. Try and stay optimistic. As hard as that can be. Notice your negative thoughts and then let them float away. Notice that small things that bring you joy and embrace those.

  1. Dance girl! (or boy…)

Put on your favourite tunes and boogie it out around the house. No one is watching, so let it all out. Even if they are watching, shake it out like you just don’t care. This will no doubt put you in a better mood!

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