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Last updated January 22, 2019

5 ways you can celebrate and adore yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day establishes an annual reminder that love should be celebrated and we should show our significant others just how much we adore them. However, your relationship status aside, the common denominator each Valentine’s Day is you. We often forget to celebrate and adore ourselves on a good day, let alone on the 14th of February. So why not take some time this Valentine’s Day to explore ways to celebrate and adore yourself, you might even be able to make a habit out of them.

Stop, right now, and take a deep breath. Release your jaw and drop your shoulders. Roll your neck from side to side. Stretch your toes and flex your ankles. Repeat.

If you are stressed your body will act accordingly. As your stress builds, your jaw will tense up along with your shoulders. Your neck will become rigid and your feet will begin to demand movement. It is so important to listen to our bodies and recognise when it is time to take a moment to relax. Not only will our body thank us, so will our work. A tense body, influences a stressed mind, producing less than ideal results.

Post it
Buy a packet of post it notes and create visual reminders about how awesome you are. Stick them in your office, on your mirror at home, or even on your car dash board. The notes can be as simply as I love you, you’re cool and you can do it or it can be a source for inspiration by writing down your favourite quote or song lyric. Regardless of the content, make sure they are visible and serve as a daily reminder that you are awesome.

Eat the Cake
Built up temptation is distracting and not at all useful for either adoring yourself or focusing on the task at hand. Stop stressing about the calories in the slice of cake, eat it. Stop reminding yourself of the exercise you’ll have to do it burn it off. I’m not telling you to devour the entire thing and lick the plate clean. Simply eat the slice, enjoy it and move on.

Write down, sing aloud, act it out, bake a cake, tell the world of the wonder that is you. Spend time this Valentine’s Day celebrating what makes you, you. Is it your contagious smile, or kind heart? How about your exceptional organisation skills and number savvy mind? Whatever it is, it deserves to be celebrated. You, deserve to be celebrated.

Enjoy yourself
It is Valentine’s Day after all, so you might as well enjoy yourself. Rent your favourite movie and settle in with a bowl of ice cream. Go out for dinner at the new restaurant in town. Splash out on massage and getting your nails done. Have a beer and watch the rugby. Whatever it is that brings you joy engage with it 100%. Don’t throw it on the to-do pile, intentionally set aside time to just do it.

We too often forget that we deserve love too. As the days roll by we get so caught up in routine, making sure everyone has what they need and neglecting the one person who can provide it all, you. Remember when a plane is crashing, you have to put on your oxygen mask before you can help others.

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