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Last updated March 29, 2017

On Sunday 14th May 2017, you kiwis will be spoiling your wonderful mothers rotten. Mother’s day is also a great opportunity to tap into a popular celebration to raise some funds. Here are a few ways to make mums everywhere feel special:

Sell Flowers
My mum is a sucker for a lovely bunch of flowers and most mums love a bit of floral pampering. You can contact a florist or floral supplier and arrange for a bulk order of one particular type of flower, such as roses. Always ask for a discount or donation to help your cause, and set up a flower stall. You could also get a team of volunteers together to make pre-ordered bouquets and deliver them depending on your resources.

Mother’s Day Raffle
Contact your stakeholders and donors and ask for donations of lovely treats to put together in a raffle. Think about all the things mums would love, and approach businesses and local shops for vouchers or goods. This is a great option for a school or sports club, and you can sell tickets at events leading up to the big Mother’s day draw.

Some mum’s don’t actually want more stuff and might like to do things a bit differently. How about offering g a sponsorship package as a Mother’s Day gift? For example, kittens in an animal sanctuary could be sponsored for Mother’s Day, or sponsoring a child in a programme for at-risk kids.  Think about putting together a package that tugs at the heart strings and has a point of difference.

Rosie Julou
Rosie is the General Manager at Exult and works behind the scenes planning, organising and making everything run smoothly.  She is passionate about working in the community sector.

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