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Last updated January 20, 2016

Setting goals is one thing, but tracking your progress is a whole other part of the process. Check out these great online tracking tools that you can use on your own or with your whole team.

Goals on Track
Goals on Track is a truly comprehensive goal-setting, goal-tracking site that has countless templates, reminders, lists, planners and progress charts available. You can use it on your Mac, PC or mobile device and there are way too many features to list. If you are serious about making progress with your goals this year, then this is definitely worth the investment. Subscriptions start at USD $68 per year.

Life Tick
Life Tick allows you to set goals and measure progress using a very simple checklist system that you can share with friends, family and colleagues if you choose. The tool helps you design SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound) goals which are in line with your core values, and you can add actions or tasks to keep you moving forward. Life Tick has a free option available for individuals, and any of the higher-level subscriptions are available on a free 30 day trial.

Habit List
Habit List is not so much a goal tracking tool, as it is a way to track habits – those small daily actions that help you reach your eventual goal. The app reminds you of the tasks you have committed to doing on any given day, and you let it know once you’ve completed the task. You can see at a glance how many days you have stayed on track, and as ‘habit streaks’ form, the theory is you are more motivated to keep on going.

This app is not overly complicated, but it is a good way to view your overall habit trends. After all, it is the things that you do regularly, not once in a while, that make the difference. You can download the app from itunes for USD $3.99

I Run U Run
Contrary to what the name suggests, Irunurun is not a tool just to track exercise (although you could use it for that if you wanted to). Instead it is a simple way of tracking the actions you take each day, and measuring your success rate. Irunurun works on the premise that ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Goals’, so much like Habit List, it focusses on your daily commitments to action.

Irunurun doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it is a good way to keep yourself motivated and accountable. The tool is free for personal use and subscriptions start at USD $49 per month if you want to use it as a team.

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