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Last updated August 23, 2019

Text to Donate campaigns used to be an effective way to raise funds for registered charities. Unfortunately, today you’ll be hard pressed to find a communications provider that offers this service. So now what? While Text to Donate is out, Online Donations are in! There are numerous different options out there, like Givealittle or GoFundMe, but have you heard of these great alternatives?

EasyGiving is a donation platform that allows people to donate to various New Zealand charities either online or via an app on their mobile phones. All they have to do is create a free account and bam, they can donate wherever, whenever, to whomever they want. For more information on EasyGiving itself, click here www.easygiving.nz

So why not see whether you can get involved and partner with EasyGiving as a charity? For more information on how to do this, contact Ainsleigh Karauria-Henry (Customer Care Specialist): ainsleigh.kh@easygiving.nz

Givahoy is an online savvy version of shaking your bucket on the street. How often to do you hear people say, “sorry, I don’t have any cash!” Well, now they can’t use that as an excuse. Simply by downloading Givahoy on their mobile devices, people can donate on the spot through their existing online banking system. All you have to do is register where you are going to be ‘shaking your bucket’ and the team at Givahoy will guide you on what to do next. For more information visit www.givahoy.com

EFTPOS New Zealand
If you are looking at ways to receive donations at particular event or simply want a way for people to donate over the counter, EFTPOS NZ offers discounted rates for registered charities. Just like Givahoy, it is a great way to allow people who don’t carry cash to support you. For more information, click here www.eftpos.co.nz/supporting-charities/

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