Day 2 – Programme

Friday 9th November 2018

Mapping the Social Sector
Liz Davies,
Socialink is a Tauranga based organisation that provides support to social sector organisations by way of research, advocacy, networking, training and collaboration support. They have recently completed a project ‘Mapping the Social Sector in Tauranga Moana’, to identify who is in the sector, what they do, and how they do it. Hear how Socialink mapped the sector in their region and learn how you may be able to do it in your own area.

9.00am – Day 2 WELCOME: Aha Moments
We can’t be everywhere at once, so this is your opportunity to hear ‘aha’ moments from the workshops you never got to attend, and share your ‘aha’ moments with people who missed out on yours. It’s like a highlight reel of all the best bits so far!

Beating Burnout – Ani Wilson, (Sponsored by Infoodle and Nettl)
Having spent 20 years navigating the perils of highly stressful roles, Ani was diagnosed with Stress Induced Stage Three High Grade Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer – a mouthful to say and also to swallow. She went on a mission to research, connect and master chronic stress and now she travels the world sharing the neuro-science behind ‘Beating Burnout’. If you feel like you’re heading for a crash-and-burn, you’ll want to hear from Ani.

9.55am – INTERACTIVE PLENARY SESSION: Growing a Great Volunteer Team
Help us create a book of Top Tips for Growing a Great Volunteer Team. All of your ideas will be compiled into a special conference book, which will be distributed free to conference participants.

10.30am – Morning Tea


Getting Started with Social Enterprise – Rachel Glasier,
Rachel is Partnership and Development Director for Akina – New Zealand’s leading agency for supporting social enterprise. Rachel joined Akina after spending 13 years in Sydney, London and New York, where she was involved in high profile social start-ups in the digital space. If you have an idea for a social enterprise, Rachel’s workshop will give you a framework for exploring it’s feasibility and working out ‘where to from here’

Beating Burnout…let’s go deeper – Ani WIlson,
If you liked Ani’s keynote, but know you need to go even deeper into the area of managing stress and beating burnout, then this workshop is for you. Unpack some of the key messages from Ani’s earlier presentation and start developing a plan for getting your stress levels under control.

Effectively Growing Your Networks – Cissy Rock,
Cissy is a fantastic facilitator with over 15 years’ experience working with communities and local government. In her workshop, Cissy will look at why building relationships outside of your organisation is critical to your organisation’s success and will give you some practical tips for growing your networks across sectors. Find out what’s important to consider and learn how to make new connections more than just a name on your database.

12.30pm – Lunch

Future-Proofing Your Organisation –
Kerri Tilby-Price, 
The world is changing at a phenomenal rate and if your organisation wants to stay relevant and effective, you need to be constantly looking torwards what’s coming next. How is the charity space changing? What will donors, volunteers and supporters look like in the future? How can you future-proof your organisation so that you continue to meet the needs of your community? This session will look at what the future of non-profits might be and give you a chance to ask: ‘Are we ready?’

Change Your Luck  
 Dean Harrison (Sponsored by Infoodle and Nettl)
Dean Harrison had a blinding flash of obvious in his early thirties. He was broke, living in his parents garage and had 37 jobs under his belt. Enough was enough! He swore life was going to be different and he gave himself 90 days to get it done. In 2012, Deano had our whole conference in stitches as he reminded us that what we need is either right in front of us, or right inside us. You will not want to miss this one-man-lightning-bolt of inspiration.

3.00pm – Final Reflections, Wrap Up and Lucky Draws

3.15pm – Conference Closes

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