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Last updated May 7, 2020

Volunteers start judging their experience with you from the moment they show an interest in being involved. Before you start looking for volunteers, make sure you have…

• A staff culture that truly appreciates the value of volunteers. How have you prepared staff for the introduction of volunteers?

• A good understanding of your legal responsibilities when recruiting and working with volunteers.

• Well written job descriptions including the expected commitment.

• Robust volunteer policies including who is eligible to volunteer.

• A well thought out application process.

• A flexible induction process that can be adapted for all types of volunteer roles.

• Enough capacity to properly lead and support a volunteer team. Who will be responsible for managing the volunteer programme?

• The necessary budget to support the needs of volunteers and volunteer related expenses.

• The necessary tools, equipment and space for volunteers to carry out their role.
• Clear procedures manuals to support volunteers in their roles.

• An appropriate recognition programme.

• A plan for how you will show appreciation and celebrate your volunteers over time.

• A plan for how you will manage conflict or exit a volunteer if necessary.

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